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Why Gemm Learning at Home?

Sophisticated Software Requires Expert Coaching

Our mantra is:

  1. Individualize — multiple programs for multiple needs.
  2. Be willing to move mountains! Empathetic & energetic support.
  3. Aim high!  Work only with proven software capable changing lives.

Our amazing learning and reading interventions can produce wonderful results, but students need to be working on the right programs, in the right way.  That takes equally amazing service, and that’s where Gemm Learning leads the way.

Multiple Solutions

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” (Maslow’s Hammer)

Each child is unique, and no single software has all the answers. That’s why Gemm Learning supports a range of learning, reading and math interventions: Fast ForWord, ACTIVATE, BrainWare Safari, Reading Assistant Plus, DreamBox and Reflex. If a program is not working, we have options.

Amazing Service

“At Gemm, it’s personal. We live for the success stories.” (Tina Liberatore)

service that moves mountains

Everybody brags about their service, but above and beyond service is what we do.  96% of clients say they recommend us to others. They know we do everything we could to make a difference.

It mainly comes down to our confidence in our process. We see results over and over again.  If we choose the right programs,  and if your child follows our protocols, we expect results.

Trying To Change Lives

True, we are not successful in every case.

However, our interventions combine cognitive research (how we learn) and neuroscience (how the brain learns to learn) — these are power-pack interventions.

And so in most cases we do make a difference, oftentimes a material difference. Our average reading gain over 6 months is the 2-2.5 years range (per our internal testing), with further gains after program completion.  Some lower, some higher.

Big gains are what we live for. Team high fives every time a multiple year reading gain comes in!  Isn’t the chance to change a child’s life story like this a chance worth taking?  Check out what our clients are saying here.

“Because of Gemm’s dedication to excellence, their unwavering support and willingness to help students achieve, and their patience and understanding of each child’s condition, they have made a drastic difference in my child’s attitude towards learning and helped her find pride in her accomplishments.” (4th grader)

Geoff Nixon

About Geoff Nixon

Geoff is the founder of Gemm Learning, the parent of a child with learning difficulties and an educational researcher.