Gemm Learning Results

Our students on average see 1 to 2 years of reading gain during their 4-6 months with us, based on Woodcock Johnson correlated assessments.
gemm learning results
Even more compelling, post-testing suggests an equivalent additional gain a year after completion, as previously held back higher level skills kick in. This effectively doubles the total gain from our program.

A comprehensive 2-year Nevada State study found Fast ForWord the most effective out of 24 programs tested, including Lexia and READ 180, earning it a “High Gain” rating.

Living the difference

This is not just stats. Being suddenly able to live up to your parents’ and teachers’ expectations, after years of falling short, is a life-changing event for our students.

Self esteem improves tremendously, which results in more participation in classroom and group activities as well as increased confidence and enthusiasm for school. Parents, teachers, researchers, and even children themselves notice marked changes. Improved learning and reading efficiency reduces homework stress, improves test taking skills and grades, and makes a whole new future possible.

Results that last a lifetime

There have been 240+ Fast ForWord research studies involving 40,000 students over more than a decade. Most have focused on the near term gains, averaging 1-2 years of gain in 8-12 weeks. These studies are focused mainly on reading gains, fluency and comprehension, in the broader student population. Some, however, validate the program for specific narrower diagnoses.
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Harder to measure, but even more compelling, are the long term results. This Dallas (TX) Independent School District longitudinal study shows that after Fast ForWord software use, the students made significant improvement in their TAKS Reading scores, that continued to accelerate in the years after program completion.

Teachers attribute these gains to improved confidence, leading to a more productive school day. In addition, learning skill development is sequential. Removing a glitch in a foundational learning skill allows higher thinking skills to develop more normally.

Geoff Nixon

About Geoff Nixon

Geoff is the founder of Gemm Learning, the parent of a child with learning difficulties and an educational researcher.